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The neighbors were not happy about my choice of artwork. However, I am a collector and this piece was a gift that I couldn’t refuse. I agree, it is out-of-place in this neighborhood of manicured suburban lawns. One cannot simply turn down such a gift.

The story starts 20 years ago when I was a truck driver. My job always took me through a small town in New Mexico.The statue sat in front of the American Indian museum in that town.

The museum just happened to have my favorite bar next door to it. After having too many beers one night, I went out and climbed on the buffalo for a photographic opportunity. Just then, a female security guard showed up.” Sir, you have ten seconds to get down off the buffalo!” she shouted.

I told her that I only wanted one picture. But, by then I had drawn a crowd with my little episode. They were all cheering me on!

The security guard, with her arms folded, said, ” You must be from Tennessee?”

“How did you know?” I said

“Because, we get all kinds of truck drivers in here. Most, just want their picture taken beside the statue, Only the ones from Tennessee think they have to ride it. ”

We all had a good laugh.

So, every year, I stopped and “rode” the buffalo. Suprisingly, when the museum shut down last year,  they called and asked me if I would give the old Indian and the buffalo a good home? Otherwise, it would be destroyed.

So, as you see, I could not let them destroy it. It was like part of the family.

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Sarah’s Secrets Part V: Flash Fiction Aspiring Writers


Clyde tried very hard to get his life back after the loss of his son and his divorce from Sarah.

He moved to a new town and made new friends. These friends were younger and their sense of adventure was more than Clyde was accustomed to.

One night they visited the “haunted mansion” out in the country. Something strange and sinister happened to Clyde that night in that house. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But the leader of the group, Jake, thought it was a little too funny. He laughed a little too long at Clyde’s reaction to this spooky place.

Although Clyde tried to end his relation with these new friends, Jake was insistent. He would never speak to or approach Clyde during the day, but every night he would call him in the middle of the night and with his mocking laugh say. “Hey Clyde, wanna go to the haunted house tonight? I hear there are a few ghost that would like to meet you.”

Clyde would hang up immediately.

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Sarah’s Secrets Part III: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers


Sarah was aware that everyone in town viewed her as a villain and ever a murderer. She had heard the whispers and the rumors of how they thought she had killed her ex- husband, Clyde, and possibly even that sneaky bookstore owner, Jake.

Her only refuge was the walks that she took in the deserted woods. There she could gather her thoughts and think of happier days when her and Clyde were first married and they had taken this path in the woods to be alone and dream of their future.

Their marriage had started to fall apart after their precious newborn baby boy, Sammy, had died. Nothing was ever the same between them. She moved to California with her parents and Clyde had bought that old rundown apartment building. He stayed to himself and she was not surprised when he died. The suicide note confirmed her worst fears.

Sarah was left to pick up the pieces of his sad life and the woods was the only place that she could escape those mean townsfolk.

175 words!

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Sarah’s Secrets

This is in response to a challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Using 163 words not including title and dediscription.wpid-photo-20150216113911810

What looked like an ordinary bookstore in Small Town American held secrets too horrible for local folks to imagine.

Clyde had occupied the upstairs since 1980. Rumors were that Clyde bought the building from some folks up north but had since sold off the bookstore downstairs. Jake, the current owner of the bookstore, had never met Clyde. Even when the transaction of the purchase was going through, everything was done through Clyde’s lawyer.

Occasionally, when Jake would open up in the mornings, he would hear scuffling noises. Like something being dragged across the floor. Then all would be quite for the rest of the day. Jake just assumed that Clyde was a loner and did his work at night.

The morning that Jake opened up and discovered blood running down the back wall, coming from upstairs, was the day that Jake left town. Neither Jake nor Clyde were ever heard from again.

Clyde’s ex-wife, Sarah, took over the building and never asked any questions.

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