Writing 201: Drawer

They told me to hide them away

Don’t look at them everyday.

They told me it would be so much better

If I did not read every letter.

I wonder if they just might  be right

To keep some things out of sight. 

Pictures of loved ones that have gone away

Precious to my heart in every way.

Poems by my own dear mother

Lock them away, don’t even bother.

My very best friend of long ago

Don’t look at her face all aglow.

So many dear people I have lost

The ones I seem to love the most.

They told me it would be ok

To lock all these things away.

My focus should be about this day

Not in the past that went astray.

But I feel betrayal to my dear ones lost

To not hold their belongings close

Their memory I feel I should preserve

To honor the love they so deserve

Yet to know in the drawer, locked away

Are beautiful memories of better days

The memories in my heart, I hold the key

When I am ready, these loving trinkets, I can see


Writing 201: Journey

My steps quicken with each word

Me? writting? that must seem absurb

I have so far to go

I doubt any fool will know

That I have the freedom of a bird

Feather Beds and Mood Elevators

Teri just wanted to take a short drive, to clear her head, with no destination in mind. It came as a surprise to her when she come across familiar roads and realized she knew exactly where she was. There, right in front of her, was the farmhouse. She could hardly believe her eyes.

It had been about 35 years since she was first in that house. She had never met the person who lived there then.  It looked as empty now as it did back then.

That was so long ago, but her memory raced back to that cold winter night , when she was taken by the hand of a man so charming, that he was dangerous. He had brought her to the house just a few weeks after their first date.

He had led her through the dark yard towards the house.  He told her that the house belonged to his cousin, but that no one lived there, at the time. She never questioned him. Somehow, he knew a secret passageway to get in. Being young, naive and evidently adventurous, Teri followed him.

She would have followed him anywhere.

 He went straight to a small door from under the porch.They walked hand in hand across the dirt floor of the basement and up some very narrow dirt steps. They came to the door of the main house, that she believed came out in the kitchen, details were somewhat sketchy after all this time.

The only other thing that she recalled about that night, is that there was a huge bed with an old-fashioned feather mattress on it. The bed sat under a large curtainless window.  They lay side by side, on those feathers and stared out into the sky. Not one thought entered her mind about them trespassing into someone’s house. Her only thoughts were, that there seemed to be a billion stars out that night and everything was as it should be. They talked for hours about what they wanted out of life. It all seemed so simple. She wanted a feather bed and him. At that time, her list was complete.

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