Sarah’s Secrets Part IV: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers


Sarah didn’t see anything special about the framed picture that hung on the wall in her Barista. It had been hanging there when she took over the old bookstore.

She had left it there when she remodeled only because she had discovered that there was an exact copy of it in Clyde’s apartment upstairs.

She spent many hours staring at the photo of the waterfront with the boats and the high-rise apartments. She wondered what connection some place like this could have with Clyde? He had never spoke of this as being a dream or even an interest of his.

She had tried to comply with Clyde’s final wishes but not a word had been said about any boats or anything near water.

Even though she was told that Jake and Clyde did not know each other and certainly weren’t friends, she had doubts.  Especially, when Clyde’s copy of the picture had words written on it:

“Clyde, Don’t forget to look at the BIG picture. You won’t regret it. Your loyal partner, Jake”

172 words. On a whim, I have chosen to continue the same story from each weekly photo challange. I just hope I can wrap it all up into something that makes sense. you can read the previous parts of Sarah’s Secrets at: Thank you each for reading the only fiction that I have ever written. I have now gained a new love for fiction that I never thought possible. This story is being submitted for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt to base our story on and are challenged to write a story of 100-150 words. This challenge runs from Wednesday to Wednesday (linking is Tuesday to Tuesday). Flash Fiction is fun and addicting. You are welcome to join the fun! If you are interested in learning more, please check out this link: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

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