Writing 201: Drawer

They told me to hide them away

Don’t look at them everyday.

They told me it would be so much better

If I did not read every letter.

I wonder if they just might  be right

To keep some things out of sight. 

Pictures of loved ones that have gone away

Precious to my heart in every way.

Poems by my own dear mother

Lock them away, don’t even bother.

My very best friend of long ago

Don’t look at her face all aglow.

So many dear people I have lost

The ones I seem to love the most.

They told me it would be ok

To lock all these things away.

My focus should be about this day

Not in the past that went astray.

But I feel betrayal to my dear ones lost

To not hold their belongings close

Their memory I feel I should preserve

To honor the love they so deserve

Yet to know in the drawer, locked away

Are beautiful memories of better days

The memories in my heart, I hold the key

When I am ready, these loving trinkets, I can see


Writing 201: TRUST

An innocent mistake
Brought on by greed
Came about in a way
Doomed by want not need

Even a simple lie
First not even heard
Gone but wouldn’t die
His heart was what hurt

It was only for a while
Just a few more days
Killing trust and time
Luck finally went away

Much more than a friend
Not saying just what
Over with no end
Proud, she was not

Quality of new trust
Rose without fail
Slowly at first
Then it did prevail

Unravelled no more
Very happy again
While opening new doors
Xeroxed life begins
Years ahead as before
Zealous to the end

How Dare You

darkYou came right out from behind the night
And swept me right into your world
You promised me love till infinity
You gave me your word

You showed me things I could never see
Like the moon and that star in the sky
You said you’d always lay with me
That was just a lie

At times, I thought you were God, himself
You came down to save my soul
But you turned into a snake when it all fell down
And the weight had taken its toll

Days, they always turn to nights
And years, they do go by.
It’s been a thousand weeks since I saw your face
And still you’re in my mind

What would I do? What would I say?

If I saw you here right now?
I would act all mean And I act all mad.

But I know, I’d probably smile

How dare you use His name
To justify your claim
You said it was His master-plan
How would you know? You are just a man.

How dare you say His name.

I must have been insane

You said you were the chosen one

That was all just part of your game

My Parents

The Trouble is, you think you will always have time.”  -Buddha”

A man walks to their door
Never seen him before
“Come on in”
“Wipe your feet”
“Come on in”
“Have a seat”

She sits by the door
Never to walk no more
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”
“Come on in”
“Let us pray”

They are the reason that I live and breath
They taught me all that I needed to leave

Turn around
I was gone
Turn around
For so long

She worked like a man until she said “I need you”
Her hands were all trembling, never seen eyes so blue

Turn around
She was gone
Turn around
She’d hurt so long

His hands were like steal, his heart like gold
I could not be paid for the stories he told
“Come on in”
“Why so late?”
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”

They left a giant hole in this family of theirs
But never more is it their burdens to bear

“Come on in”
“Say good bye”
“Come on in”
“Don’t you cry”

Mountain View

“My memory loves you, it asks about you all the time.” -Jonathan Carroll-

I took a drive down memory lane today
Remembering our walks along that way
I went back to almost the day
When we loved, laughed, sang and played

I remembered each hill and pebble and tree
As if it was still just you and me
The big rock that we passed, the flowers you picked
The jokes that we told, all of this, I miss

I have since gained priceless love, family and more
That I would never go back to you anymore
But if I could keep all this
And still have one wish
It would be to walk with you on a day like this.

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A Little Girl

I knew a little girl who cried
she was slim and quite
and never told a lie.

She loved the sun, the grass and birdsccfa67b290917fb653081923e68fd518
but she was taught to obey grown up words

Grown people took that little girl
and she grew up way too fast
she was taught things that
would forever be her past

That little girl never had a chance to be
just a little girl
she was subjected to a much uglier
nastier world

She was to never speak about the things that they did
she was to act like it didn’t matter
but it did

That little girl is grown now and although
she still is alive
the soul of the little girl that she once was..