peace of mind

Peace of mind being my ultimate goal

As this blog grows I see it changing so fast that my About page is constantly outdated. So I will just say that I am blogging to help find “me”. Just when I think I have something concrete to hang on to, to believe in, something changes. Either my mind or the circumstances. Sometimes both. I am dealing with several issues, depression and anxiety, the past and the future, love and hate. All and more are in constant battle with each other. I don’t have a clue as to why, but I am happy 99% of the time, or maybe I am just delirious? I love to laugh at myself and my crazy family. I love the colorful stories of my past. Today’s epiphany, print off my blog and take it to my new therapist. If she reads it and schedules me for another visit, Bingo!!!! We are on our way. 

And, oh yeah, another thing is, my words are simple, I write like I talk. No fancy words, metaphors or deep insights. Just me, trying to untangle in all.

There is a lot inside and I am trying to get it out the best way I can.

Peace and Love,



11 thoughts on “About

  1. A nice open and honest About page. I hope you really do manage to fight off some of your demons. One step at a time, perhaps …? As for writing – we all have our own, unique style. That’s what makes reading all the different FF entries so much fun. 🙂

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  2. I like what you are setting out to do with your blog Brynda. My best wishes I hope is serves its purpose well for you. And yes isn’t it good to find humour in the people we have around us. My children often talk about their upbringing and I am sure it wasn’t that funny at the time.


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