Taking a Break?

Hi Folks, I have taken a break..well..from writing. I have gone through a whirlwind of changes in my life, lately. I have gotten a new job! I still have my old one , so I am trying to hang on to both. One for benefits and the other for the better pay.

I have to give myself a pat on the back though, because even with all this stress, I have remained positive, only lost a small bit of my hair, only gained a few pounds and only had one breakout of shingles. So, all in all, that is good for me!

I miss writing and I know I will take it back up as time allows.

All of the experience that I have had on WP and the people who I have met, were a true blessing and exactly what I needed, at the time.

Right now, I will have to stay focused on my career and will probably be taking a break from this blog.

Or maybe not..who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Peace and Love to you all!!!

and you all keep writing! I must have something to read on my off days!!


9 thoughts on “Taking a Break?

  1. Working two jobs to get right pay and benefits sounds like the change in times…sad that it has come to this. I have heard this type of situation many times lately. I wish you luck in both jobs and hope everything works out well for you. 😃

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  2. Take care of yourself, Bynda. I haven’t chatted to you for a while because I’ve been on holiday,so I didn’t know you were going through an upheaval. Two jobs will be a lot, but if you think you can manage them, I wish you every bit of luck. Perhaps you’ll manage to write again some time in the future.

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      • People’s blogs can wait, you know, Bynda. It’s more important to sort yourself out first. I know how you feel about losing touch with people if you do, though. But we all know what you’re going through and will still be here when you come back. Look after yourself. ❤

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