A Bird’s View: FFfAW

the bird

I do not understand these creature things called people.They constantly rush around looking down at a gadget of some sorts in their hands.

They hardly acknowledge or even speak to the other people in their flock. They rarely travel together.

I have watched them in their well-built nests, but all they do is sit and look at some bigger gadget on their wall. The only thing good about that is sometimes, I see them looking at beautiful pictures. But these pictures are not real. Why don’t they simply go outside and experience the real thing?

I understand that they do not have wings, as I do. And even if they did, they are way too heavy to fly very high. But they can stroll along these beautiful waterways and look up and see the blue skies and the majestic mountain peaks. They can walk along the sandy beaches and go in the middle of the lush green forest, just as I do.

No sir, I do not understand these creatures at all.

175 words

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21 thoughts on “A Bird’s View: FFfAW

  1. Nice take on the prompt and so true.
    I do have two tiny suggestions though. In the first paragraph, “constantley” should be “constantly” and in the second to last paragraph, is “But they call stroll…” supposed to be “But they can stroll…”?

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  2. I enjoyed your story and the reference to our modern day gadgets. It is so true; there is a lot of time spent using these “gadgets” that use to be spent doing other things…like enjoying the outdoors and the surrounding views.

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    • I would hate to think that I would be in a beautiful place like the on in the photo and spend all my time on my phone. I would of course, have to take several photos. :). Thank you for reading my story.


  3. This is so true Bynda! Great story with a good moral to it. We do spend our time looking at devices; televisions, cell phones, tablets. It makes me wonder what is going to happen to the human race? When my family comes to see me, their faces are often planted in their cell phones.

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  4. I fully agree with the bird in your story, Bynda. Why sit and stare at a TV screen or computerised device when you can be outisde – especially on an island like that? The world is obsessed with such gadgets and peope miss out on the beautiful things around them. A thought-provoking and interesting story. Well done.

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  5. And this is so true. We spend most of our times stating at images of things when we can actually go and experience the real thing. That is one wise bird in this story! I love the perspective.

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  6. This reminds me of the times I become too focused on taking pictures during a hiking trip or any event instead of putting down my phone and being in that moment. Experiencing that moment to the fullest (and not from behind the camera). Great piece, voice, and message!

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