Home On The Suburbs: Monday’s Finish The Story /April 13


The neighbors were not happy about my choice of artwork. However, I am a collector and this piece was a gift that I couldn’t refuse. I agree, it is out-of-place in this neighborhood of manicured suburban lawns. One cannot simply turn down such a gift.

The story starts 20 years ago when I was a truck driver. My job always took me through a small town in New Mexico.The statue sat in front of the American Indian museum in that town.

The museum just happened to have my favorite bar next door to it. After having too many beers one night, I went out and climbed on the buffalo for a photographic opportunity. Just then, a female security guard showed up.” Sir, you have ten seconds to get down off the buffalo!” she shouted.

I told her that I only wanted one picture. But, by then I had drawn a crowd with my little episode. They were all cheering me on!

The security guard, with her arms folded, said, ” You must be from Tennessee?”

“How did you know?” I said

“Because, we get all kinds of truck drivers in here. Most, just want their picture taken beside the statue, Only the ones from Tennessee think they have to ride it. ”

We all had a good laugh.

So, every year, I stopped and “rode” the buffalo. Suprisingly, when the museum shut down last year,  they called and asked me if I would give the old Indian and the buffalo a good home? Otherwise, it would be destroyed.

So, as you see, I could not let them destroy it. It was like part of the family.

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10 thoughts on “Home On The Suburbs: Monday’s Finish The Story /April 13

  1. Well done! I like the back story of how your main character ended up with the statuary! Thanks again Bynda for writing for the MFtS challenge! I appreciate you coming back for more! Be well…. ^..^

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  2. I love it!!! Give those suburbanites something to talk about. Please tell me you live in a Homeowners Association area – because that would be hilarious. I love those statues, they are great!

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    • Then I hope you understand that this was a real compliment for us (people from TN)? I was almost afraid to write it, thinking someone would think take offense to it. I love being from TN/Va and love the stories, but not all my friends and family see the humor. They think they are above our raisings and try to be all high and mighty. That is why I write under a different name. To protect the innocent..meaning ME!! Ha! Nice to meet a fellow Tennessean!

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