Jinx The Clown: FFfAW 4/1/2015

clown house

The traveling carnival was in Bay City this weekend. The main attraction was the Fun House with Jinx, the Clown. Jinx wasn’t one of the scary clowns that so many people encounter. He was silly, happy and always giving out balloons and letting the kiddos ride his giant tricycle.

Jinx was definitely the star. “But Clowns are supposed to be the distraction, not the main attraction” said Leo the Lion Tamer.

“Well, not in this show”, said The Bearded Lady

But, they were all one big happy family, so there was no hard feelings.

At the end of a very successful week, Sandy the Snake Handler said “Jinx, get out of all that clown make-up, we are going out to celebrate!”

But there was a problem that no one knew, except Jinx.

The make-up didn’t come off.

That was his real face and his real hair.

He was born that way.

As all the other entertainers wait for Jinx to come out and join them, he sits and stares at his reflection.

A tear rolls down his colorful face.clown

This story is my submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Weekly Writing Challenge. We are challenged to write a story using 100-175 words based on the photo that we are given. I hope you enjoy my story.

Everyone is invited to participate in this weekly challenge. If you would like more information, please click on this link:


21 thoughts on “Jinx The Clown: FFfAW 4/1/2015

  1. Bynda, that was wonderful! The story pulled me right in and I felt the sorrow that Jinx felt because “he was born that way.” (I have a feeling that his friends are going to accept him anyway and that his tears are short-lived). πŸ™‚ Very creative story!

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  2. Engaging story, his school days must have been interesting….

    I hope you don’t mind but you have a few grammatical errors
    In paragraph one the sentence: The main attractions was – should be were or if attraction is singular then was is correct.

    In paragraph 4:
    so there was no hard feelings.- should be were as the verb refers to the feelings which is plural….


    • Thank you. the “s” on attraction was an over site. I truly appreciate any constructive criticism. However, as my About page states,” I write like I talk.” So, I am leaving the second “error”. I write my stories the way they sound in my head and usually without a draft. Unprofessional? Yes.. Uneducated? No


  3. I like it….very clever. It’s great that Jinx is so well liked and accepted. I think his friends would stand by him no matter what. It is sad that he can not be like them in appearance, but that can be “overlooked” …the real person (what’s inside) is more important.

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  4. So Jinx had found a way to be happy and immediately accepted (no questions asked). But now Sandy and the others are unintentionally asking him to leave that comfort zone and reveal the whole truth. Now that’s scary! I’d like to think the others would react better than Jinx imagines they would, but you never know. Great, touching story!

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    • thank you! I am thinking that they will be thrilled and maybe have an explanation as why Jinx a natural and is not like other creepy Clowns. He is in his own element. Thanks for reading and your insight. πŸ™‚

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    • thank you for reading and commenting! I know it is a little far fetched that someone would be born like that, but IF they were, could we accept them? Just something to think about. I would like to think that I would… but society has taught us to judge to quickly.


  5. What a lovely story but heartbreaking very heartbreaking at the end. I love that they were all a big happy family so I would imagine they would understand Jinx’s condition. Great story πŸ™‚

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