Sarah’s Secrets Part V: Flash Fiction Aspiring Writers


Clyde tried very hard to get his life back after the loss of his son and his divorce from Sarah.

He moved to a new town and made new friends. These friends were younger and their sense of adventure was more than Clyde was accustomed to.

One night they visited the “haunted mansion” out in the country. Something strange and sinister happened to Clyde that night in that house. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But the leader of the group, Jake, thought it was a little too funny. He laughed a little too long at Clyde’s reaction to this spooky place.

Although Clyde tried to end his relation with these new friends, Jake was insistent. He would never speak to or approach Clyde during the day, but every night he would call him in the middle of the night and with his mocking laugh say. “Hey Clyde, wanna go to the haunted house tonight? I hear there are a few ghost that would like to meet you.”

Clyde would hang up immediately.

This story is being submitted for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week starting March 17, 2015. We are given a photo prompt and challenged to write a story, based on the photo, of 100-150 words or less (give or take 25 words). If you would like to participate in this writing challenge, we would love to have you, please click on this link:

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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