Sarah’s Secrets Part III: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers


Sarah was aware that everyone in town viewed her as a villain and ever a murderer. She had heard the whispers and the rumors of how they thought she had killed her ex- husband, Clyde, and possibly even that sneaky bookstore owner, Jake.

Her only refuge was the walks that she took in the deserted woods. There she could gather her thoughts and think of happier days when her and Clyde were first married and they had taken this path in the woods to be alone and dream of their future.

Their marriage had started to fall apart after their precious newborn baby boy, Sammy, had died. Nothing was ever the same between them. She moved to California with her parents and Clyde had bought that old rundown apartment building. He stayed to himself and she was not surprised when he died. The suicide note confirmed her worst fears.

Sarah was left to pick up the pieces of his sad life and the woods was the only place that she could escape those mean townsfolk.

175 words!

This story is being submitted for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt to base our story on and are challenged to write a story of 100-150 words. This challenge runs from Wednesday to Wednesday (linking is Tuesday to Tuesday). Flash Fiction is fun and addicting. You are welcome to join the fun!

If you are interested in learning more, please check out this link: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

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25 thoughts on “Sarah’s Secrets Part III: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers

  1. I love how you set up the story. Because we had our suspicions, this part cuts us extra deep. Reminds us that when we think we know something, we need to think again. Still, if it ends up that Sarah isn’t to be trusted, that’ll be another twist. You’re keeping us on our toes and yanking on our hearts with hard themes. Keep it up! I was so excited to see you’d posted another addition

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  2. A sad little story and a reminder about the wickedness of rumours. (Having not read the earlier parts I may be wrong in assuming they are rumours!). Anyway, I like the way you use the woods as her retreat from the mean townsfolk. 🙂

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  3. Your take on the prompt never disappoints… Oh how wrongly we judged her, poor Sarah was almost on death row. This is imaginative. I love the connection with last week, nice work 

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  4. Poor poor Sarah. I like that you’ve continued using the prompts to propel one character’s story. I actually had a comment on mine this week that a reader wanted to know what happened next. I think per her request I will continue the story for just one more week. I like all the back story for Sarah and we’ve learned so much over the past few prompts. I wouldn’t mind seeing deeper into her, not just her story but she must have so many complex feelings with everything she’s been through. Maybe a little inspiration for next week 😉

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    • that is how the inspiration started with my story. I left it open ended and several people asked me what happened next. I had no idea, so I just continued with the story. I would love to read more of your story also.!!

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    • we will see..I am not trying to be mysterious or anything, I actually don’t know. I have had other projects going on but this is the only true fiction and unlike my non-fiction, I have no memories stuck in my head. Just purely made up on the spot. This is the fun part. Thank you!

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