Writing 201: Drawer

They told me to hide them away

Don’t look at them everyday.

They told me it would be so much better

If I did not read every letter.

I wonder if they just might  be right

To keep some things out of sight. 

Pictures of loved ones that have gone away

Precious to my heart in every way.

Poems by my own dear mother

Lock them away, don’t even bother.

My very best friend of long ago

Don’t look at her face all aglow.

So many dear people I have lost

The ones I seem to love the most.

They told me it would be ok

To lock all these things away.

My focus should be about this day

Not in the past that went astray.

But I feel betrayal to my dear ones lost

To not hold their belongings close

Their memory I feel I should preserve

To honor the love they so deserve

Yet to know in the drawer, locked away

Are beautiful memories of better days

The memories in my heart, I hold the key

When I am ready, these loving trinkets, I can see


2 thoughts on “Writing 201: Drawer

  1. thank you! it came from a suggestion from a dear friend (who just happens to be a therapist.) she said to take down all the photos of my parents and other close friends and relatives that have passed away. even tho making a shrine was what I thought I should do to heal.It was keeping me from healing. I felt guilty at first, but now that I realize that the pictures and momentos were not keeping them alive, it was the memories i had of each, I can say that gettig up in the morning and not instantly having my heart ache from seeing a picture or something to remind me, feels pretty good.


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