Sarah’s Secrets Part II


After Clyde died in the apartment and Jake’s mystery disappearance, Sarah, Clyde’s ex-wife took over the building, bookstore and all. Clyde must have had a huge life insurance policy with Sarah still the beneficiary, because she sure has spent the money lately. She remodeled the bookstore and turned it into a barista, that the locals don’t really care for. She rented the upstairs apartment to some fancy law firm that she is awfully friendly with.. She was said to have also bought a string of motels just outside of town. Sarah didn’t spend much money on the motels themselves, but she had a huge tennis court built on the property. The tennis court, itself, cost more than the property. The contractors said that when they cleared the land for the tennis court, they saw a woman out there digging in the dirt. Sarah then paid the contractors extra to pour the concrete as quickly as possible. And we still don’t know where Jake went to.

This story is in response ro the weekly writing challenge hosted by Flash Fiction For Inspiring Writers. My story is in continuation of last week’s challenge. The story itself was 165 words excluding title and description. To read all stories, follow link


15 thoughts on “Sarah’s Secrets Part II

  1. This kind of made me laugh that she buried dear old Jake out back. I liked how you used this story as a continuation from last week. Will you be continuing it week to week, it’s a fun idea. I would’ve liked to know more about Sarah’s feelings. It’s so hard to put a plot, objective and everything else in so few words. I really liked how you ended it, such a fun twist to the story from last week. Just be careful of tense changes in your sentences. You started in past tense and ended with present tense. Overall nice work.

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    • thanks for your help. I tried to make it sound like one one the town locals was telling the story, which was a suggestion that I got last week. I have no idea if I will continue with Sarah, I will just have to wait and see what pops in my head. I don’t want to get too boring but then again I don’t think Sarah has ever been bored 🙂 thanks again!!!!

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