Writing 201 Fog

I apologize in advance. The writing prompt was FOG and that, to me, means brain fog. It was 3:30am when I wrote this and to say the fog was dense is an understatement. I found it quite comical once I became awaken and saw what I had written. I am good at laughing at myself. 🙂

We are taught to be independent

to take complete control

we pride ourselves in knowing

all we need to know

Then as we age so inevitably

we are considered wise

we fake our way through it all

in the test called life

Something just doesn’t quite click

as it did before

we read it over once again

and one time more

They call it mental clarity

it is not to be found

my mind is all so foggy

I can not see the ground

They say that it is temporary

it will go away

it’s scary to think it will not

and I will stay this way

Too many bumps on the head

or maybe menopause

maybe I need extensive therapy

to find the root cause

Until this fuzzy fog has lifted

from inside this dome

I cannot even try to think

how to write this poem


4 thoughts on “Writing 201 Fog

    • hey thanks. I believe the color came with the theme? I think that is correct. there was an option to change the color. I changed it once to blue and I didn’t like it.


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