Sarah’s Secrets

This is in response to a challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Using 163 words not including title and dediscription.wpid-photo-20150216113911810

What looked like an ordinary bookstore in Small Town American held secrets too horrible for local folks to imagine.

Clyde had occupied the upstairs since 1980. Rumors were that Clyde bought the building from some folks up north but had since sold off the bookstore downstairs. Jake, the current owner of the bookstore, had never met Clyde. Even when the transaction of the purchase was going through, everything was done through Clyde’s lawyer.

Occasionally, when Jake would open up in the mornings, he would hear scuffling noises. Like something being dragged across the floor. Then all would be quite for the rest of the day. Jake just assumed that Clyde was a loner and did his work at night.

The morning that Jake opened up and discovered blood running down the back wall, coming from upstairs, was the day that Jake left town. Neither Jake nor Clyde were ever heard from again.

Clyde’s ex-wife, Sarah, took over the building and never asked any questions.

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15 thoughts on “Sarah’s Secrets

  1. OOuuu, creepy, I love it. I guess it wasn’t Jake’s blood since he saw the blood running down the wall. Hmmm, I wonder if Sarah is the murderer of Clyde…..and Jake!?? 😮 Thank you for participating and I hope you will continue. 🙂

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  2. Wow that was creepy. I like your lead in line, it hooked and I knew what I was getting into. This is just a thought to give your piece a little voice and it made me think of it when you used the term ‘folks.’ Could you loosen the formality of the piece and add in a little more local flavor because it read almost like the next door neighbor was telling a story which was kind of cool. Just an idea to play around with, but as is, is good too. Nice job!

    I’d love feedback as well if you get a chance. Thanks!

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    • I love that Idea! thank you! I never really thought about it that way but the original may have had some of the neighborhood slang in it. keeping it under the challange of 175 words was tough. I’ll have to dig up the original and take a look at it. thanks for stopping by and reading my story!

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  3. Well, Jake was right about Clyde doing his work at night… Definitely makes me wonder what Jake knew that he felt the need to skip town. I second the idea that you could alter the ‘voice’ a little – you’ve used an omnipresent POV but it felts like a neighbours recount. It actually would only take a bit of tweaking to alter too.

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