My First Month Of Blogging

I am so grateful that I ran across this course of Blogging 101!! In a month I have posted 18 blogs to WordPress and have 4 drafts that I am working on. Never in a million years would I think I would have done this.

I started this blog as a type of therapy for me. Seems I have some unsettled bitterness still seeping inside me from my childhood and early adulthood. I am not healed completely, as if you could ever be? But I think I have come a long way, baby!

It actually shows in my blog itself. I started a hurtful old witch of a person, bent on getting revenge and setting things straight. You could see this in my themes that I chose and my posts themselves. My themes were dark and you could feel the hated and bitterness in my words.

Then things started to change. As my heart lightened, I had to rewrite my “about” page a few times (it needs to be redone again.) My themes became more colorful. I started telling heartfelt stories about my everyday life and writing poems that, while may be on the side of a jilted lover, they are still more lifting to the spirit than my first post. I even ended the month on the humorous side.

I know, I did not get every assignment done exactly right and some of the daily prompts just did not prompt me, I still wrote and that, my fellow bloggers, is all we were supposed to do, right?

Although it has only been a month, I feel that all this put together tells my story to a tee. I am a lover and a fighter. I will stand till I die for a cause that I believe in. I still have some sore spots that tend to make my blood boil. I also have a heart that has been broken so many times that I dare not count. I am a functional introvert and some days I don’t leave the house. But I have a job with the public that forces me to get up and go and is always of chaos. I have a family where mental illness runs rampant and is hidden away like dirt under a rug.  I have many more stories in many genres left to tell. There is no way that my thoughts and feelings can be summed up under one category. So as my “tag cloud’ grows, I will continue to write.

I feel that I am way out of my league with all the talented people that I have met on this site. I truly appreciate each and every one of you that have stopped by, liked or commented on my site. I look forward to reading and learning with you in the near future.

Peace and Love,



15 thoughts on “My First Month Of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on completing Blogging 101 and good luck on Blogging 201 if you are taking it. I know I got a sense of accomplishment from taking the class.

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  2. Nice thoughts and a beautiful blog!!
    I did not join Blogging 101 or any other course and have drifted along all by myself with no guidance at all. Even then I felt a huge change in me after I became active two months back. Before that I had registered with WP last year but simply forgot to come back. But glad I finally did.

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  3. I too stumbled into this blogging thing not having a clue as to what I was doing. But your posts make it seem like you really know what you are doing. Unlike myself, who manages to send half-completed replies to people (Eek!). Eventually I will get the hang of this.

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