How Dare You

darkYou came right out from behind the night
And swept me right into your world
You promised me love till infinity
You gave me your word

You showed me things I could never see
Like the moon and that star in the sky
You said you’d always lay with me
That was just a lie

At times, I thought you were God, himself
You came down to save my soul
But you turned into a snake when it all fell down
And the weight had taken its toll

Days, they always turn to nights
And years, they do go by.
It’s been a thousand weeks since I saw your face
And still you’re in my mind

What would I do? What would I say?

If I saw you here right now?
I would act all mean And I act all mad.

But I know, I’d probably smile

How dare you use His name
To justify your claim
You said it was His master-plan
How would you know? You are just a man.

How dare you say His name.

I must have been insane

You said you were the chosen one

That was all just part of your game


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