My Parents

The Trouble is, you think you will always have time.”  -Buddha”

A man walks to their door
Never seen him before
“Come on in”
“Wipe your feet”
“Come on in”
“Have a seat”

She sits by the door
Never to walk no more
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”
“Come on in”
“Let us pray”

They are the reason that I live and breath
They taught me all that I needed to leave

Turn around
I was gone
Turn around
For so long

She worked like a man until she said “I need you”
Her hands were all trembling, never seen eyes so blue

Turn around
She was gone
Turn around
She’d hurt so long

His hands were like steal, his heart like gold
I could not be paid for the stories he told
“Come on in”
“Why so late?”
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”

They left a giant hole in this family of theirs
But never more is it their burdens to bear

“Come on in”
“Say good bye”
“Come on in”
“Don’t you cry”


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