Little Rebel (All was right with the world)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing
prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Every now and then people show up in my life that make a permanent impression on me and when this happens, I am always in awe. Whether it is the universe, the work of God , fate or the stars were in alignment on that day, I always try to appreciate and record these precious moments.

Today was one of those extraordinary days. I met a little girl that I will be wondering the reason behind our chance meeting for a long time. I was just 938d3821e8caae39284983be515954b4standing there doing my job, probably a little bored, when I glanced down and looked in the eyes of a young child standing beside me. We locked eyes and it was like looking into my very own soul.

She was terribly upset and tears were running down her cheeks.

I bent down and said ” Honey, are you ok?”

Sobbing but still very plainly, she said, “No, I am scared.. my mom is mad and screaming at my aunt… They are going to fight.”

I assured her that no one was going to fight and I immediately called Security to come and handle the upset women, who seemed unconcerned that they were scaring the daylights out of this little girl. Her Dad was there with her, but he just stood there,  saying nothing. As Security showed up and talked to the two women, I took the little girl aside and led her to a couch in the lobby. We sat and talked. She seemed to be quickly at ease and starting talking and smiling.

Her name was Courtney and she was six and her birthday was unbelievably the same day as mine! She was born “07/07/2007” she proudly stated. 

I said “No way! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard” I said.”I was born the 7th hour, of the 7th day, of the 7th month, but my year didn’t have a 7 in it” Her eyes widened and we connected on a level only we could understand.

 I was still captivated that she looked like I did when I was that age. She told me, sadly, how she lost her best friend, her papaw, earlier that year. But with maturity beyond her years, she talked about him being in a better place and how he had loving gave her the nickname of “Little Rebel”. I was mesmerized. She talked about why her mama and her aunt were arguing and how she just wanted them to get along. She told me about her Grandmother being sick and in the hospital. and on and on. A lot of knowledge and life experiences came out of that tiny girl.

I felt compelled to try to help her.  I couldn’t make her Grandmother better and I couldn’t make her family get along. But I had to do something. So, with her father’s permission, I took her hand and I said. “come with me.”

“Where are we going?” she asked excitedly.

I said, “I am going to buy you a birthday present.”

Puzzled, she said, But my birthday is not for 3 more months.”

“I know”. I said. “but I have never met anyone with the same birthday as me, and I may not see you on that day.  I want to get you something now”

So we went to a small shop next door. I said, “pick out anything you want” I held my breath, knowing I didn’t have enough money for anything very expensive, but I did have good credit with them and this was a special occasion.

She walked the store looking at everything and my heart stopped a few times when she was looking at some very expensive items. But then she just stopped and looked at me, with big soulful eyes.

I said “what’s wrong, sweetheart?”

She shyly said, “I know what I want, but you may not want to get it for me. I may be too old for it”

Curious as to what she had evidently had her mind set on even before we entered the store,

I said, “Show me”.  She went straight for a very soft pastel baby blanket. My heart sunk, knowing that could only mean that she needed comfort. We paid for the blanket and she skipped out of the store to show her dad. He was very apologetic.

I said. “don’t ever apologize. She said she needs that blanket, so I am honored to get it for her. I hope it gives her warmth and comfort.

We may have spent a total of 20 minutes together. Twenty minutes that I will never forget.  She left me with my heart overflowing.

As she held her Dad’s hand and walked out the door, she turned and looked at me and I swear her eyes twinkled and at that moment, all was right in the world.


10 thoughts on “Little Rebel (All was right with the world)

  1. I can see this story is truly an ‘All’s right with the world,’ tale! It’s a beautiful moment, and one I can so understand, as I remember the day I’d met someone who was also born on my birthday, and even the same year. And I also went to a place with him to celebrate, where we got a puppy from a pound, for him! Not only have you brought us a wonderful story, but you’ve opened the door to my Memory Lane! Thank you!

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