I’ll Call It Meditating

woman1In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

What do I do to get my day started in the right foot? Nothing…absolutely nothing….for about 60 minutes or more. I know, I know.  It’s lazy and boring  but I have tried every other option and this is the only way that I can function. I have tried the getting up and jumping in the shower immediately.. didn’t work. I tried going to the gym immediately.. didn’t work. So, after almost 40 years of working different shifts and different hours, I have ME time or there won’t be any WORK time. I have gotten up as early as 3:00am to be at work at 6:00am.

I make my coffee the night before just like I am going to rush out the door in the morning. I pour a cup and maybe take 3 sips… that’s all. And if I don’t do the 3 sips, I feel like I can’t go on… I have my crackers and peanut butter… And do nothing.

The last time I overslept and didn’t get my hour of me time. I went back to bed and didn’t leave the house all day.

Call me lazy, boring, wasteful or whatever you want. If you want me to show up in life, give me a minute… or rather an hour.

So. for the sake of sounding modern and “hip”, I will call this my hour of meditation. I was “meditating” before meditating was cool.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Call It Meditating

  1. Ack! Where do you do your nothing? Do you stay in bed? Sit on a couch? Stare at nature? I am both fascinated and frustrated by your routine. It’s not lazy and boring. It’s unique. More details please!

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    • I always get out of bed..I usually sit in my comfy chair and as of late, I have been on my lap top, so this blogging may be changing me in more ways than one. that’s perfectly fine. One thing that this does for me is gets my head straight and I sort out my usually vivid dreams that I have. Sometimes the dreams leave me exhausted and drained. It’s interesting now that I am blogging, to read what I write this early in the morning. My fingers seem to work without an help from my brain. Thank you for your comment!

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  2. I need that golden hour in the morning too and used to just sit doing nothing, but now I read messages on my blog and it’s also a good time for editing posts. I also know a lot about vivid dreams leaving us feeling exhausted 😉

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