Dust Prints

In response to The Daily Post’s 010615124817“A Moment in Time.”

I posted this same photo in a short story in my blog https://byndarnda.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/cosmic-messages/  but I did not tell the whole story on it at that time. This is literally the last photo that I have taken. And I need to stress that I have a very cheap camera on my very cheap phone. However, I am very pleased with how this turned out. Sometimes you don’t need any editing or enhancements at all. Life is already perfectly portrayed.

I was walking through a breezeway that had  clear glass windows on each side when something caught my eye. At first it looked like someone had thrown snowballs against the windows, each one had a huge white “splat” on them. But I didn’t recall that we had had enough snow for that and it was several feet off the ground. On closer inspection, I could see the details of feathers, and beaks and even tiny little eyeballs. These were bird prints! I had never seen anything so detailed. It looked like a very talented artists had painted a bird on each windowpane. As I stood in amazement in the busy breezeway, I asked a couple of people that were passing by, if they saw what I saw. I got a couple of responses saying they had been there for awhile. I said “What? Why did I not know about this? Why has this not been in the local newspaper?” Clearing up the question of whether I was nuts for some people was probably easy that day. In the next few days, I took a  few friends, one by one,  to see this, what seemed to me as a rare phenomenon. I got responses like “someone needs to clean the windows” or “so what? birds fly into windows all the time.” Well, I had never seen them leave an imprint! And, I am old!  Was I that weird?

It was uncharacteristic of me not to run right home and research it, but I honestly didn’t think it was something that even google would know. Finally, after a few days, another lady took the same photos and was as amazed as I was. She asked more questions than I did or maybe had smarter friends. Because she and her friends determined that birds take dust baths frequently, and evidently, this flock had taken their dust baths and then made the horrible mistake of trying to fly through the clear glass. I did look this up and sure enough other people had taken photos of this occurrence. Owls being the birds that usually made this deadly mistake. The bird prints that I saw were pigeons, large pigeons. The mystery had been solved, I suppose.

I still go through the breezeway almost daily and admire the sad but beautiful artwork.  This was evidence that life is short and you can miss it all if you don’t stop and take notice. This event is not something that happens everyday and I am honored to be one of a few that appreciated it.

5 thoughts on “Dust Prints

  1. That’s amazing. I have seen this only once in my lifetime. At first I thought it did look like the top part of an owl, especially the position of the wings. How many prints were there? It is possible it was the same bird, they don’t seem to cope with glass too well and I have seen one repeatedly hitting a window.

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    • Cat, there was, i think, 6 prints on 6 different panes and the idea of it being the same bird never occurred to me. That is certainly as possibility. I am currently trying to make a slide show of both these birds and the heron. Having a little trouble with that. thank you for your insight!

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