Busting Up The Good ‘ole Boy’s Club

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my Children may live in peace.”   -Thomas Paine-

He rambled for two hours, trying to change her mind about the new-found accusations that she had hit him with. Telling her how much he had done for the people of the community, how he was the deacon of the largest church in the county and how much he loved his wife and family and they didn’t need to be hurt. But she never faulted in her story and almost felt  pity for him and his excuses, that had obviously been an afterthought. Had he never worried that one of these victims would come forward? It was unbelievable to her that he had not prepared for this. He had gotten away with his shenanigans with more than one victim, for years now and he seemed unaware of the damage that he had done.

How can a man with such community status and wealth be told that he was a child molester?

Who would believe her?

After all, she had been known to be a little promiscuous. And after all, the mayor, the commissioner, the attorneys and even the judges were drinking buddies. They all went to and served the same church and every little secret they had between was sacred, like a grown up boy scout’s club.

She wouldn’t have a chance. Her so called support team of other victims had suddenly vanished and she seemed alone in this battle.

They would chew her up and spit her out.


But still she wanted justice, she wanted the “boy’s club” shut down. She wanted all the other little girls, and possibly little boys, that were now grown, to expose this dirt bag for what he really was.

He could sweet talk his way with the church people. He knew just enough business jargon to get him by in his big corporate meetings with his company. And he  had  that stupid crooked  smile that still charmed the ladies. But none of that intimidated her now.

But she had heard enough. His ramblings and excuses were making her nauseous.

She would find a lawyer, somewhere, that knew the laws on statute of limitations, that would take this bozo on.

She hated that his family had to be hurt , but what about her family and all the other families that had been hurt by all the other bozos in this town? Didn’t they deserve to be heard? She didn’t want to be famous or rich from this. She just wanted men to know that it was wrong. She wanted protection and education for future generations and she wanted someone to say “I’m sorry.” She wanted her children and her grandchildren to be safe from this type of behavior, that could trickle down to generations of off springs if no one stopped it now.

Two hours wasted listening to this piece of garbage. She just got up and walked out. Leaving him with his mouth open and his face blood-red.

Now she had to figure out how she would pay a lawyer.


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