Cosmic Messages

Some Might Say I’m Crazy

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind. A private storm has been brewing around me and in my mind. I have shared a few of the strange happenings, but no one understands. I really do need to hush or I am going to convince everyone that I am, without a doubt, bat shit crazy. I just have a hard time keeping it all quiet.

Dead Birds Falling From The Sky

I noticed the first of these events one night while driving home from work. Just when I thought my life was one big boring nothingness and I was just numbly humming along, a huge dead bird falls from the sky and lands in front of my car!   “What the hell was that?” I know the bird was already dead when it fell by the way the wings were twisted and the way it plopped down on the pavement. I turned my car around to go back and see it. I never found it, It either got thrown in the ditch by the cars behind me or a bigger bird came and quickly snatched up its prey. I rushed home to research what a dead bird falling in front of you could mean. Thank God for Google. The Chinese Proverbs said  “Dead song-birds make a sad meal”. An Old Native American belief stated that having a dead bird fall in front of you was no sign to be concerned, unless it happened over three times,,, huh?


More Than Three

Well, dead birds didn’t fall from the sky anymore, but later this week, I did find several “imprints” from birds that had flew into a clear glass window and clearly met their demise . Does that count? It looked like about 6 or 7 birds had been dipped in paint before they made their Kamikaze attack into the window panes at the local hospital. I could even see where their little beaks, feathers and eyeballs had been smushed against the window pane. Tragic and unexplained as it was, they left beautiful markings on the glass. Logic tells me that this probably wasn’t meant  to symbolize anything for me but I am still thinking that I have some sort of cosmic being out there trying to talk to me. It makes me a little nervous but at the same time, it makes me even more intrigued.

Some Strange Things Going On

The next few events happened really fast and I didn’t connect them until they were all over with. I had been writing in my journal about an ex that had been very abusive. I was spewing hated for this person, about what he had subjected me and my young son to. I had written the original entry a few months ago but had recently revisited the journal and made some more notes and added how I hoped he burned in eternal hell for his actions. Now, this ex had been out of my life for over 20 years. I am not living in the past and I am at peace with my life as it is now. I just had a few things to get off my chest and on paper. Just in case anyone was ever going to accuse me of harboring an undying love for this sorry excuse of a human being. I may or may not be just a little bitter. The very day that I did this editing to my rantings about this ex, I heard an unconfirmed report that a huge boulder had come crashing through the roof of his former vacation home. wow! OK, I don’t doubt that could happen, I knew the cliffs around that place were unsteady and that was always a concern. I vacationed there with him for a few summers back in those days and I knew the shape of the place and it had been deteriorating for years. My memories of that place are not so fond. The things that went on in that house are some of the things that make me cringe when I hear his name. So, nothing too unbelievable yet, but it wasn’t over yet. That evening on the news, they reported that the apartment where I had lived with him over 20 years ago, had burned down the night before. Thankfully. the current residents were not hurt but two families were left homeless. Red Cross and the community had come in and helped these people. Now. I know that neither of these two tragic events actually hurt my ex, he hadn’t owned the vacation home in years,  and even if he had heard about the apartment fire, he probably never made the connection that these two places were destroyed on the same day and these two places were places where he had more or less terrorized me, beaten me to a pulp, broken my nose, blacked my eyes and left a permanent scar on my lip, that stares back at me in my reflection. It shows up more as a discolored dent and is more obvious when I am tired and stressed. He had an alcohol problem and did seek help after almost killing me.But he never showed any remorse for the damage he had done. He also imprinted a permanent scar within my small son, grown now, but he will never forget witnessing what happened to his mama in these places. He has misplaced guilt from not being able to save me.

Who or What Is It?

All of that leads me to believe that someone or something is trying to send a message to me or my ex. Do i believe in ghosts? No, not really, not like a Casper or a floating sheet type ghost. The vacation home of his had supposedly been haunted and several people had seen the “ghost”. There was even a picture taken that showed a very faint image of a third person standing where two of his friends were standing. I never saw or heard anything, other than the unexplained photo, there. I did see my ex get up in the middle of the night and chase something with a gun. I chalked it up to too much booze and pills. I even visited the people that lived there after I left him and they told me of several things that happened. The flames of candles would blow out and the radio would change stations. The ghost did not like country music. I believed that they did experience these things but I never saw anything. So if you ask me if I believe in spirits and communication from another realm? you betcha! I just hope that whoever or whatever it is, likes me. After all, we do have the same taste in music.


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