Why am I here?

Good question. I started writing in a journal a few years ago and am still amazed when I go back and read what I wrote. My mind seems to skip and stutter every which way. At times, I seem confused and broken, but other times I feel I have been enlightened and maybe even a little smart. Sometimes it goes into a deep dark existence that is so severe and scary that I am relieved that I don’t really remember being there. Evidently. I don’t dwell at either place for very long at a time.

So, what I am saying is maybe I like being surprised with what I find on my pages?. Maybe by blogging I can keep track of how this mind is working. If not, maybe I can leave a hint to my family about what is really important to me and how each of them has inspired me to keep on going. I consider myself a survivor of both abuse and love, both have been devastating.

Most of my thoughts come out as poems or songs. The short stories are usually some happening of mine that has been told over and over as I was growing up. Maybe the stories venture a little from the actual truth, But I don’t mind that, I like my version better.


2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. You have a rather unique way of thinking and writing. So far I’m liking your stuff, and you’re right, you’re here for you, only you. So you do you! But if you think other people wouldn’t like your stuff, I’m sorry that’s not true. I’m loving it so far, and I can’t wait to read more. Check out my blog if you’d like. One piece of advice, I feel like there is another theme that maybe more well fit for you, because this makes your text seem like a lot more than it actually is. Until next time.

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