How Dare You

darkYou came right out from behind the night
And swept me right into your world
You promised me love till infinity
You gave me your word

You showed me things I could never see
Like the moon and that star in the sky
You said you’d always lay with me
That was just a lie

At times, I thought you were God, himself
You came down to save my soul
But you turned into a snake when it all fell down
And the weight had taken its toll

Days, they always turn to nights
And years, they do go by.
It’s been a thousand weeks since I saw your face
And still you’re in my mind

What would I do? What would I say?

If I saw you here right now?
I would act all mean And I act all mad.

But I know, I’d probably smile

How dare you use His name
To justify your claim
You said it was His master-plan
How would you know? You are just a man.

How dare you say His name.

I must have been insane

You said you were the chosen one

That was all just part of your game


My Parents

The Trouble is, you think you will always have time.”  -Buddha”

A man walks to their door
Never seen him before
“Come on in”
“Wipe your feet”
“Come on in”
“Have a seat”

She sits by the door
Never to walk no more
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”
“Come on in”
“Let us pray”

They are the reason that I live and breath
They taught me all that I needed to leave

Turn around
I was gone
Turn around
For so long

She worked like a man until she said “I need you”
Her hands were all trembling, never seen eyes so blue

Turn around
She was gone
Turn around
She’d hurt so long

His hands were like steal, his heart like gold
I could not be paid for the stories he told
“Come on in”
“Why so late?”
“Come on in”
“Have you ate?”

They left a giant hole in this family of theirs
But never more is it their burdens to bear

“Come on in”
“Say good bye”
“Come on in”
“Don’t you cry”

Little Rebel (All was right with the world)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing
prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Every now and then people show up in my life that make a permanent impression on me and when this happens, I am always in awe. Whether it is the universe, the work of God , fate or the stars were in alignment on that day, I always try to appreciate and record these precious moments.

Today was one of those extraordinary days. I met a little girl that I will be wondering the reason behind our chance meeting for a long time. I was just 938d3821e8caae39284983be515954b4standing there doing my job, probably a little bored, when I glanced down and looked in the eyes of a young child standing beside me. We locked eyes and it was like looking into my very own soul.

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I’ll Call It Meditating

woman1In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

What do I do to get my day started in the right foot? Nothing…absolutely nothing….for about 60 minutes or more. I know, I know.  It’s lazy and boring  but I have tried every other option and this is the only way that I can function. I have tried the getting up and jumping in the shower immediately.. didn’t work. I tried going to the gym immediately.. didn’t work. So, after almost 40 years of working different shifts and different hours, I have ME time or there won’t be any WORK time. I have gotten up as early as 3:00am to be at work at 6:00am.

I make my coffee the night before just like I am going to rush out the door in the morning. I pour a cup and maybe take 3 sips… that’s all. And if I don’t do the 3 sips, I feel like I can’t go on… I have my crackers and peanut butter… And do nothing.

The last time I overslept and didn’t get my hour of me time. I went back to bed and didn’t leave the house all day.

Call me lazy, boring, wasteful or whatever you want. If you want me to show up in life, give me a minute… or rather an hour.

So. for the sake of sounding modern and “hip”, I will call this my hour of meditation. I was “meditating” before meditating was cool.

Dust Prints

In response to The Daily Post’s 010615124817“A Moment in Time.”

I posted this same photo in a short story in my blog  but I did not tell the whole story on it at that time. This is literally the last photo that I have taken. And I need to stress that I have a very cheap camera on my very cheap phone. However, I am very pleased with how this turned out. Sometimes you don’t need any editing or enhancements at all. Life is already perfectly portrayed.

I was walking through a breezeway that had  clear glass windows on each side when something caught my eye. At first it looked like someone had thrown snowballs against the windows, each one had a huge white “splat” on them. But I didn’t recall that we had had enough snow for that and it was several feet off the ground. On closer inspection, I could see the details of feathers, and beaks and even tiny little eyeballs. These were bird prints! I had never seen anything so detailed. It looked like a very talented artists had painted a bird on each windowpane. As I stood in amazement in the busy breezeway, I asked a couple of people that were passing by, if they saw what I saw. I got a couple of responses saying they had been there for awhile. I said “What? Why did I not know about this? Why has this not been in the local newspaper?” Clearing up the question of whether I was nuts for some people was probably easy that day. In the next few days, I took a  few friends, one by one,  to see this, what seemed to me as a rare phenomenon. I got responses like “someone needs to clean the windows” or “so what? birds fly into windows all the time.” Well, I had never seen them leave an imprint! And, I am old!  Was I that weird? Continue reading

My New Friend

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order” ~ John Burroughs

This fella was so patient with me. I got within a few feet of him. He seemed at peace with life and with me.

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