A Little Girl

I knew a little girl who cried
she was slim and quite
and never told a lie.

She loved the sun, the grass and birdsccfa67b290917fb653081923e68fd518
but she was taught to obey grown up words

Grown people took that little girl
and she grew up way too fast
she was taught things that
would forever be her past

That little girl never had a chance to be
just a little girl
she was subjected to a much uglier
nastier world

She was to never speak about the things that they did
she was to act like it didn’t matter
but it did

That little girl is grown now and although
she still is alive
the soul of the little girl that she once was..


Beyond The Dark Night


Beyond those steel black eyes
Lies a soul that is as pure as snow
Beyond the deceit and the lies
 is a truth that is so real that it shivers her to the bone
and no one can ever know
Beyond the power he possesses
 is a kindness like she has never seen
Beyond his strong hand that steers her every move
Is a touch as gentle as a breeze.
Beyond the plans, the dreams and the secrets
are disappointments, obstacles and pain
Beyond the summer sun that they follow so faithfully
 there is nothing else to gain
Beyond the two hearts that are forced to leave 
Lies an ache that causes her own chest to heave

She only asks if it was real and right?
He only asks that she look up to the moon and the stars on a dark night,